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Appalachian Regional League



WVSA Appalachian Regional League


WVSA Appalachian Regional League Rules & Regulations (updated 11/23/17)


      WVSA Appalachian Regional League Mission Statement                             


“The WVSA Appalachian Regional League (ARL) is a regional amateur adult soccer league for adult players (16 years old or older) to further develop their skills with local clubs throughout the state of West Virginia and surrounding regions. Youth players 16U to 19U, may apply to join an APL team, per WVSA policies. The league’s mission is to cultivate “football club” culture while providing opportunities for coaches, owners, supporters, players and towns to enjoy the sport and all of the community -building it can bring. The ARL is affiliated with the West Virginia Soccer Association (WVSA), USASA, US Soccer, West Virginia Referee Program and FIFA.“


The purpose of the ARL is to start building a foundation and help develop an atmosphere that would increase the awareness of this sport beyond the youth level. It will be used as a great way to keep our local adults fit and competing at a high level; along with offering an avenue for our local college athletes who attend schools/universities who do not offer such programs.  Our goal is to bring competitive

soccer to our community and further develop the sport in our region.


Administration will be overseen by the WVSA. There will be a league committee formed consisting of one team representative from each team that will over-see and help guide this league towards a sustainable and successful future. The West Virginia Soccer Association Referee Program will also appoint a representative to oversee and monitor the assigning and assessing of referees.


The league will annually start in early March and last until late May/Early June. This is a double round

robin travel league with a home/away set up. The games will be played in accordance with the FIFA rules of the Game.


Costs for the league are as listed:

·    $150 Registration Fee (Non Refundable. For fee will go toward the administration of the league; funding of awards; and financial assistance to USASA Region I and US Open Cup participants)

·    $280 performance bond (will receive back if and when all games are completed)

·    $25 per player for insurance. (30 squad limit, with waiver. Already registered elsewhere? Fee is waived)

·    $180 for referees per game (Paid by home team)


Perks for joining the league:

·    Winner of each Division receives a bid into the Region I National Cup for the following summer (Open, Over 35, and Open Women's)

·    State exposure and potential rivalry relationships (State derbies and cross state derbies are much needed)

·    Player development

·    An interactive league website that will keep fans updated and involved along with a strong social media presence

·    Player awards, accolades and recognition


Sponsorship perks: (Currently in the works. WV Lottery and Department of Highways have expressed interest for naming rights)


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