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The 2021 WVSA State Cup was held May 22-23, 2021 at the

Paul Cline YMCA Soccer Complex in Beckley, West Virginia.




WVSA State Cup Schedule - Saturday (updated 5/19/21)

WVSA State Cup Schedule - Sunday (updated 5/19/21)


WVSA State Cup Field Map - Beckley




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2021 State Cup (NCS and Presidents Cup) General Information

To enter the 2021 WVSA State Cup, to progress to the Eastern Regional National Championship Series or Presidents Cup, complete the application form electronically. You will need your Got Soccer ID and Got Soccer Team name (exactly as it is listed in Got Soccer). Your payment of $350 is due with the submission of the application and must be received by April 7, 2021. Must pay via debit/credit card or electronic check. See below for additional fees.

This year teams will be entering our State Cup competition as the path to go to the Eastern Regional NCS or Eastern Regional Presidents Cup.

Any questions please contact Director of Competitions at cups@wvsoccer.net or 304-290-8435.

This timeline is for the pathway to both events:

Registration Opens March 8, 2021

Registration Deadline is April 7, 2021

Last Date to Withdraw with Refund: April 25, 2021
Roster Freeze Date (for age groups with Preliminary Round): April 30, 2021

Preliminary competition (if needed, but ALL teams need to plan to play in it): May 15th and/or 16th, 2021 (Location TBD and ALL teams need to plan for both days until age groups are announced and those playing when schedules are posted)

Roster Freeze Date (for all other age groups not in Preliminary play): May 7, 2021

WVSA State Championships: May 22 and 23 in Beckley, WV at the Paul Cline Memorial Complex.


WVSA Cup Entry Fees and Regional Competitions

WVSA would like to have more teams enter WVSA State Cup and have teams in each age group for National Championship Series (NCS) and Presidents Cup.  The plan for 2021 is to lower the state entry fees and pay referee fees based on the number of games played. 

Registration for State Cup will be $350 plus referee fees (determined amount for each game you play and referee fees will be invoiced later)

We also would like our clubs to have the Finalist of each age group to attend the Regional Presidents Cup, unless we have a wildcard in that age group. If we have at least two teams that agree to that they will attend either Regional NCS or Presidents Cup then we will put an entry in for Presidents Cup. This setup will give teams a chance to attend Regional Presidents Cup to get your teams in front of coaches and only have to pay the Presidents Cup entry fee.

If we have a team that only wants wishes to be a Presidents Cup entry, then they will have that chance. After WVSA State Cup the highest remaining team not attending Eastern Regional NCS (Champion or Wildcard) will get the opportunity to represent WV in the Presidents Cup.

NCS: Champions and Finalist (who accept a wildcard) will pay the Eastern Regional NCS Fee of $800 for 12U and $1100 for all other age groups.  This amount will come as an invoice from WVSA. (In the past the state would pay this fee which caused our entry fees to be so much more.)  The NCS will be allowing Club Pass players to the Regional event until June 14th

PC: The team would pay the Eastern Regional Presidents Cup $675 per team for the 12U age group and $875 for 13U and up. This amount will come as an invoice from WVSA. Teams who wish to just be a possible representative for Presidents Cup will have the chance to voice that during the State Cup registration. In 2021 Regional Presidents Cup will be held in West Virginia June 19-23.

Only US Youth Soccer/WVSA teams will be accepted. Players can only play for one US Youth Soccer NCS team. Select teams are not eligible for cup competition.

NCS teams will qualify by:

12U must play in the WV State League to qualify and be seeded for State Cup.

13U will play in WVSA State Cup Preliminaries as we have no history for this age group.

13U and up can qualify by playing in WV State League(for 2021 these games will be played on May 15 and 16 in the combined event of preliminaries and Open Cup), Ohio Buckeye League, Great Lakes Conference, National League, National Capital Soccer League, Shawnee Soccer League and PA West League. Teams playing in these leagues will need to submit to the Dir of Competitions your team name, the league playing in, age group and division so it can be verified. The league competition must consist of a minimum of one ( ) game against each of three different teams in the league. Your team must maintain 9 common players between your league roster and your cup roster. At least 9 common players follow the team from league play.

Other leagues will be looked at but Director of Competitions will need to receive an email with the name of your team, age division and the league you wish to have considered as a qualifier before you commit otherwise you might have to play state league as well. Clubs will be required to provide teams for our state league so those that cannot use another league can qualify (as needed).  It does not have to be the same team that is in State Cup for example WVFC 03 Black is in State Cup ...WVFC 03 Red can be the team provided for State League if a team is needed. 


WVSA will enter State Cup Champion teams in the Region I National Championships Series in Hammonton, NJ on June 25, 2021 in the following brackets.

Boys: 12U-small-sided, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U, 19U

Girls: 12U-small-sided, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U, 19U

NCS Nationals will be held in Phoenix, AZ July 19-25, 2021.

WVSA will enter Presidents Cup teams in the Region I Presidents Cup to be held in the Charleston and Barboursville, WV on June 19-23, 2021. We will enter in age groups that we have participation in 12U through 18/19U.

Regional Housing:

All housing for the Region I Championships will be handed out to teams once Champions have been decided. NCS is in new Jersey so we will not qualify for the 75 mile rule.


For Presidents Cup any teams within 75 miles of Charleston/Huntington are exempt from using Regional housing. All other teams who arrange their own housing are subject to opt-out fees from REGION I.


Team Formation/Rosters:

Any questions on team formation and rostering of players should be sent to Jude Greene at jude@wvsoccer.net


Seeding for the WVSA State Championship 12U

12U small-sided will be seeded off the outcome from the WV State League games.

Seeding for the WVSA State Championship 13U-19U

2019 State Cup Champion/Finalist will need to have their rosters in system by April 10th to have their roster continuity verified prior to random draw for remaining teams. 

1.01 - If a team is the previous year’s WV State Cup champion and has maintained a roster continuity of a minimum of 66%, they will receive the No. 1 seed in the WVSA State Cup in their age group. If said team does not meet said requirements, they will be placed in the random draw for seeding in the WVSA State Cup in their age group.

1.02 - If a team is the previous year’s WV State Cup finalist and has maintained a roster continuity of a minimum of 66%, they will receive the No. 2 seed in the WVSA State Cup in their age group. If said team does not meet said requirements, they will be placed in the random draw for seeding in the WVSA State Cup in their age group.

1.03 – All teams who were not the previous year's WV State Cup champion or finalist or does not meet the requirements of 1.01 and 1.02, they will be placed in a random draw for remaining seeds in the WVSA State Cup for their age group.

***Note: NCS roster continuity requirement for seeding compares frozen roster from 2019 WVSA State Cup to frozen roster for 2021 WVSA State Cup.


**If you are 2019 State Cup Champion or Finalist and have maintained roster continuity and your team’s club has changed club names please be sure to email cups@wvsoccer.net with previous club/team name and current club/team name so that you rosters are compared for continuity. This email needs to be received by April 10, 2021.


2020 WVSA State Cup - CANCELLED

2019 WVSA State Cup Results

2018 WVSA State Cup Results

2017 WVSA State Cup Results


Questions or concerns? Contact:

WVSA Cup Chairwoman: Beth Noss - cups@wvsoccer.net


2022 Eastern Region Announcement




The West Virginia Soccer Association would like to thank the volunteers, coaches, players and referees for a great 2018 WVSA State Cup. We would also like to thank the YMCA of Southern WV, who did an awesome job hosting the event at the YMCA Soccer Complex in Beckley.
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