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How Do the WVHSSCA Rankings Work?

How Do the WVHSSCA Rankings Work?

The rankings are not a poll. The rankings are based on a mathematical formula that
awards points for a teams wins and ties and points for the wins and ties of defeated and
tied opponents.
The columns are as follows
W-L-T (Win, Loss, Tie)
# Games (the # of games played as of the Saturday of that week)
Opp. Rating (this is the total points earned from defeated and tied opponents. This can
be checked by adding up the # in the bonus column for each defeated team and by using
½ the bonus for tied teams)
PTS (# of points earned by the team. 10 points for each win and 5 points for ties.So...a record of 7-1-1 = 75)
Total Points (add Opp rating and PTS)
Bonus (the # of points that a team would get if they beat your team. ½ for a tie. 2 points
for each win and 1 for each tie)
AVG (total points divided by the # of games played)
For more information contact dave@wvsoccer.net.


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