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ODP Virginia Friendlies Information

ODP Virginia Friendlies - Information


2015 Rosters

WV ODP Girls


Field Locations
Warhill Sports Complex
5700 Warhill Trail
Williamsburg VA 23188
Hornsby Middle School
850 Jolly Pond Road
Williamsburg VA 23188

Hotel Information
Powhatan Resort                                Sleep Inn Historic
3601 Ironbound Road                         220 Bypass Road
Williamsburg VA 23188                      Williamsburg VA 23185
Please write down the reservation number and access code before clicking on the link below.  I have the rooms broken down by teams, but it is not mandatory that you stay at one or the other.
***Reservations must be made no later than Monday, February 9th***  I apologize for the short notice, but really our time frame had ended, and they extended our date.
Sleep Inn Historic: 1998 Boys, 1999 Boys and 1999 Girls can use  Reservation # 2419780 / UF454Q71   or 2419742  / GB951Q0Y
Powhatan Resort: All other teams   (coaches are also staying at this resort) can use these codes:
2419738  / YU270H8H         2419718 / DZ067C6W      2419711 / DL382R0Y       2419715 / NR121N4J
***I believe the 0 is number zero for all, not letter O. Click on the link below to start your reservations.


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