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Are you looking for ideas for individual player training during the current team training hiatus brought about by the Coronavirus outbreak?

Given the inability to get together and train in a group setting, there now exists an opportunity to focus on individual technical training.  When players are eventually allowed to return to training in larger numbers, they can return with the same (or even greater) level of technical sharpness, if they have the motivation and willingness to dedicate a portion of each day/week to individual technical training. 

New York West Soccer Association have compiled a list of YouTube links that will give players ideas on varying ways in which they can continue to train on their own.  We have also included some other soccer related links that may be of interest.

Players often ask their coaches; “How can I improve my place in the pecking order?” or “How can I catch up with or surpass the players who may be playing at a level above me?”  One way to do this is to improve your mastery of the ball.  By doing so, it raises the level of almost every other facet of your game.  Your activity in the coming weeks/months can be a terrific opportunity to continue to raise your level of play by focusing on improving your technical ability.


Ball Mastery




Fast Footwork Routines

100 individual training drills


Check out this list of great soccer movies! through-life-without-matches-greg-seltzer 



At Nike, we continue to be inspired by the ways people make sport a daily habit, even in the most challenging of times. To help encourage that further, programming from NTC Premium a subscription-based service available in the U.S. that includes studio-style streaming workouts, progressive training programs (including bodyweight-only) and expert tips from our elite Nike Master Trainers, is now accessible at no charge. Beginning March 23, Nike’s social handles, and the Nike App will also offer new tips on mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery and sleep. While, right now, athletes may not be able to play together or before millions of fans, they can unite and stand for something bigger by staying home and playing for the world.

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Positive Coaching Alliance

Dealing with disappointment during Coronavirus  

Training session in a one yard box

Virtual Club Challenge



US Soccer

U.S. Soccer will continue streaming classic matches this week, beginning with the #USWNT's 4-1 win vs. Flag of Brazil at the 2018 Tournament of Nations.
Watch LIVE Wednesday, March 25 on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and


 Wall Training


Be safe and be well!