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West Virginia Development League


The West Virginia Soccer Association is proud to host the West Virginia Development League (WVDL) for the Fall 2015 season.

The WV Development League is designed to be a state-wide development tool for club teams and academies to provide match-level experience to assist with the development of its players.


Registration is now CLOSED. Schedules are posted below.


Important notes:

- Referee Fees: Center: $30 and ARs: $20 each for U9-U12 matches (fee to be split between the both teams)

- Standings: No public display of standings or results by WVSA.

- Championship/Awards: No championship match will be played and no awards will be given.


WV Development League Schedules - Fall 2015

LEAGUE SEASON IS 9/21/15 - 11/30/15


U10 Boys League Schedule (Updated 9/21/15)

U11 Boys League Schedule (Updated 9/21/15)

U11 Girls League Schedule (Updated 9/21/15)

If you have any questions, contact Marcus Cole, WVDL Commissioner, at 304-382-5350 or email marcus@wvsoccer.net.  


Official League Rules of Competition (updated 12/4/14)

Codes Of Conduct For Coaches, Players and Parents

Certified Referee Assignors For Self Scheduled Matches (updated 9/21/15)

Team Age Group Contact List (for scheduling self schedule matches - updated 9/21/15)

Fall 2015 Field Locations/Directions


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