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WVSA Risk Management Link

WVSA Risk Management Link

The Risk Management link below is for all WVSA officers, coaches, managers and volunteers. Risk Management information must be updated each seasonal year (fall/spring) so your information and assignments are correct in our soccer database.



Everyone will be receiving an email stating that their Risk Management will expire within thirty days (this is new so if yours expires before Sept 1, 2018, you may not get it within the 30 days)! Everything is the same with the registration process. Be sure you get to PAGE 8 of the instructions (link below) that has you enter your SS# and SUBMIT!!!




Also this year we will be implementing the Sexual Abuse Awareness. Once you have completed your registration you will receive an email from Abuse Prevention with details of how to access the video and upload your certificate! Please watch for this email!!! This is the only way we have to do this at this time, hopefully in the future we can make it a bit easier! (Easier on you = Easier on me!)

Below is a list of responses that will show up on your registration under RISK STATUS (see pic) and what they mean!!!

APPROVED = Background check successfully run. No negative results, admin is approved

EXPIRED = All admin with expired background checks (good for two years)

REVIEW COMMITTEE = Background check successfully run, questionable results came back that need to be reviewed by the State Risk Management Director

FAILED = Not able to coach/admin

SENT = Successfully sent to BGC company, results have not returned yet (allow at least 48 hours for your BGC to process)

NONE = A background check has NOT been run, they have not completed the process (See instruction link above, specifically page 7-8)


You will not receive an email until around 30 days BEFORE IT ACTUALLY EXPIRES, for instance if it expires December 31, 2018, you will get one December 1, 2018!!! If you don’t expire at all this year, (for instance yours expires August 2019), all you need to do is the Abuse prevention course when you receive the email and upload your certificate!!


Please contact me with any questions you may have!

Kristi Acord



Click this link - UPDATED 8/16/16

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