WVSA Risk Management Link

WVSA Risk Management Information

The Risk Management information below is for all WVSA officers, coaches, managers and volunteers. Risk Management information must be updated each seasonal year (fall/spring) so your information and assignments are correct in our soccer database.







WVSA Risk Management Policy (updated 8/22/19)

WVSA Safe Sport Policy (updated 8/7/19)

     Appendix A - Prohibitive Conduct

     Appendix B - Athlete & Participant Safety Policy/Social Media

     Appendix C - Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies

Safe Soccer Link From US Soccer

Player Safety Guidelines (Recognize To Recover from US Soccer)

Risk Management Resources from US Youth Soccer





Q- What if I do not get a page to enter my SS# and submit?

A- Make sure you are using WVSA RM URL and not your clubs! http://wvsa-rm.affinitysoccer.com. You may need to totally log out of the one you are using and enter ours!


Q-What if I get my child or spouses name when I go to submit for my background check?

A-See answer above or you are not logging in with your own Username and PW, everyone must have their own for submitting for their BGC


Q-What if I do not get an email after setting up my concussion registration?

A- Make sure you check your SPAM folder, if still no email you will need to contact the Helpline depending on which one you chose. NFHS Help Desk Contact Information Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 9:00 pm ET Saturday - Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm ET You can email us (NFHSlearn.com, or call us at (317) 565-2023. CDC Helpline-DUIPinquiries@cdc.gov


Q-When registering for Safesport, US Soccer does not show up as a Membership?

A-Retype the URL in as www.safesport.org, don’t copy and paste it!


Q-What does it mean when this is in my Risk Status on my registration?

A-See below APPROVED = Background check successfully run. No negative results, admin is approved EXPIRED = All admin with expired background checks (good for two years) REVIEW COMMITTEE = Background check successfully run, questionable results came back that need to be reviewed by the State Risk Management Director FAILED = Not able to coach/admin SENT = successfully sent to BGC company, results have not returned yet (allow at least 48 hours for your BGC to process) NONE = A background check has NOT been run, they have not completed the process (see instructions, link above) 

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding your Risk Management! Kristi Acord kristi@wvsoccer.net

For help with Username, PW or any other club related registration issues, contact your Club registrar or Jude Greene at jude@wvsoccer.net